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Saved Replies in New Conversations 🎁

Before we all break for the holidays, we wanted to share a few more improvements with all of you.

Many of you have wanted to use saved replies not just for replies but when creating new conversations too. Well, now you can! 👏


Add Save Replies When Starting A New Conversation

Sometimes we are the first ones who have to contact the leads, please add the "Save Replies" button to easily pick from the email templates.



You'll now see the saved reply dropdown when creating new conversations. If you use a customer variable for a customer who's not in DoneDone yet, you'll be asked to provide their information. Fill it in and send it out. 💥

We're also including another nice improvement with this release - the ability to use reference numbers in your email signature. Now your team can sign-off all conversations with a reference number to keep customers in the the loop.


Add Reference Number as a Variable in Email Signatures

'Add Reference Number' is already available for the 'Auto-Responder' - it would be most useful to have this also available as a dynamic variable for 'Email Signature' This would allow the user to easily and automatically show the customer the reference ID for the conversation at hand. Example; Regards, {ReplierName} Ticket # {ReferenceNumber} ACME Inc, LLC

Angus H


That's it for now. And don't forget. Mobile is coming... 🎄📲