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Create tasks from conversations, comments, and replies (and more goodies)


Managing customer support and client emails is hard.

Your team spends a lot of time replying to customers and keeping track of all the requests, issues, and bugs that come in. You need a better way to quickly create tasks from support emails and know when things are done or if anything falls through the cracks.

DoneDone linked tasks already makes it easy for your team to create tasks directly from emails sent to your DoneDone Mailbox.

With this release, you can quickly create linked tasks directly from comments or replies too. This saves time when new ideas pop up from ongoing back and forth with your customers, clients, and your own team.

Watch the video above to see this feature in action along with a number of other improvements:

  • View the original source email for replies.
  • Design tweaks to improve the readability of file attachments, CCs and other notifications on incoming emails and replies.